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Adele's Training Videos

Puppy Sonic

Sonic at 8 weeks

Photo by Wendy Tisdall

When Adele brought home her Flat-Coated Retriever puppy "Sonic" in October of 2011, she started producing short videos of training sessions. The ones she has finished are organized by classes and by areas of training. You can also see all of the videos Adele has posted on her YouTube channel.

Areas of Training: Retrieving

"Retrieving is one of the first games we play with a new puppy or dog. In retrieving, you throw an object, your dog runs out, picks it up, and returns it promptly to you. He should hold the object until you take it from him. It is a good way to exercise him, and it teaches him to work with people. Many trainers never get beyond the Novice obedience level because they are unable to teach their dog to do a complete, ring-ready retrieve." (pg 247, Competition Obedience: A Balance Act) The exercises that include a retrieve in obedience are the Open Retrieve on Flat and Retrieve over the High Jump, and the Utility Scent Discrimination (leather object and metal object) and Directed Retrieve (cloth glove).

If there isn't a link, it means Adele hasn't released a video on that topic.

Mouth handling

Nose touch to dumbbell

Taking the dumbbell

The Finger Hold

Holding the dumbbell

Lifting the dumbbell

Head and collar holds

Building duration on the hold

Lifting from the floor

Adding release command

Adding retrieve command

Proofing the hold

The Carry

Fronts with the dumbbell

Restrained retrieve

Retrieve on Flat

Retrieve over the High Jump

Scent Discrimination

Directed Retrieve