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Adele's Training Videos

Puppy Sonic

Sonic at 8 weeks

Photo by Wendy Tisdall

When Adele brought home her Flat-Coated Retriever puppy "Sonic" in October of 2011, she started producing short videos of training sessions. The ones she has finished are organized by classes and by areas of training. You can also see all of the videos Adele has posted on her YouTube channel.

Areas of Training: Position Changes and Signals

In obedience, there are three distinct positions that I want my dogs to learn: sit, down, and stand. Position Changes is how I refer to the dog moving from one position to another. There are six position changes: stand to down; down to stand; sit to stand; stand to sit; sit to down; and down to sit.

Signals refers to hand signals, which according to the AKC regulations need to be done with one arm and hand as a continuous motion. The Signal Exercise is an exercise in Utility comprised of heeling, stand, stay, down, sit, come, and finish, all done with only hand signals. The Signal Exercise contains many pieces and takes most dogs a long time to master. There is a lot you can do to work on different parts long before your dog can do the whole thing. Start when your dog is young!

If there isn't a link, it means Adele hasn't released a video on that topic.

Position changes

Cookie-toss down 1

Cookie-toss down 2

Cookie-toss down stages 3 & 4

Cookie-toss down stage 5

Heel signal

Stand signal

Down signal

Sit signal

Recall signal

Finish signal (around finish)

Finish signal (left finish)