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Adele's Training Videos

Puppy Sonic

Sonic at 8 weeks

Photo by Wendy Tisdall

When Adele brought home her Flat-Coated Retriever puppy "Sonic" in October of 2011, she started producing short videos of training sessions. The ones she has finished are organized by classes and by areas of training. You can also see all of the videos Adele has posted on her YouTube channel.

Adele's Fundamentals Class

Fundamentals is Adele's first level competition obedience class. The class is intended to give students a better understanding of how to use food, play, and corrections at the appropriate level for their dog. All of the exercises are foundation exercises for obedience and rally.

The exercises are introduced in class in the week listed.

If there isn't a link, it means Adele hasn't released a video on that topic.

Week 1

Find heel 1

Find heel 2

Cookie-toss recall

Nose touch to hand

Front and Center

Pass the Cookie

Back Aways

Week 2

Front attention

Heel position attention

Platform fronts

Position changes

Week 3

Cookie-toss down 1

Back through a chute

Find heel: adding distractions

Cookie-toss down 2

Week 4


Week 5

Hop in heel position

Hop with hand in collar

Here is a video overview of the exercises that you will learn in the class.