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About Northfield Dog Training

March 2013 marked the 23rd anniversary of Northfield Dog Training's beginnings. Adele created a video in February 2010 sharing a brief history of Northfield Dog Training.

Northfield Dog Training was officially launched in March 1990, when Adele Yunck hung out her dog training shingle. She started by renting a 2.5 car garage in Belleville, MI, where she taught classes a couple of nights a week. It was small, cold, and messy, but also inexpensive, and got her new business off the ground.

In 1992, her family moved from Northfield Township to Lodi Township. They put an addition on the pole barn already on the new property, adding heat, a floor, and insulation to make it a pleasant training room.

NDT continued to grow and thrive through the 1990's. With the advent of agility training, Adele fenced in a large area on the property in order to offer agility classes. By the end of the decade, NDT was bursting at the seams of the original training building.

In 2001, Adele realized a decade-long dream of constructing a custom-designed and built 12,000 square foot facility for training dogs. The two buildings allow NDT to offer many classes at many levels, from puppy kindergarten and Jumpstart obedience, through Canine Good citizen training, and advanced training for obedience, rally and agility competition, as well as basic training for retrievers.

In addition to NDT's weekly classes, local clubs periodically rent the facilities in order to host competitions. People can earn titles with their dogs at these trials in several different venues. These include the AKC, UKC, C-WAGS and APDT. NDT also occasionally offers weekend dog training seminars for interested participants.

About Adele Yunck

Adele started competing with her dogs in 1986, and has earned numerous titles in several different areas of competition, including conformation, tracking, agility, rally, and field. Her particular specialty is competition obedience. This consists of teaching her dogs to heel with dance-like accuracy, retrieve with speed and enthusiasm, to jump on command, and to respond to hand signals from 40+ feet away.

In 1995, Adele formed a joint venture, JABBY Productions, with her Ohio friend Judy Byron, with the goal to write a book and produce a video on competition obedience training. They released their 60-minute video, Positively Fetching: Teaching the Obedience Retrieves Using Food in 1995, and they self-published the now long-popular book Competition Obedience: A Balancing Act in 1998. All these years later, both Positively Fetching & Balancing Act continue to be highly recommended by trainers all around the US and Canada, and both continue to sell well. Sadly, Judy lost her hard-fought battle with ovarian cancer in 2000. Adele is grateful for the work they did together.

In 2008, Adele self-published The Art of Proofing: Preparing Your Dog For Obedience Trials, a guide for trainers who are serious about obedience trial competition.It is used by instructors and individual trainers alike.

In early 2011, Adele released an updated version of the retrieve video, now titled Totally Fetching: Teaching and Proofing a Reliable Retrieve, in DVD format. She updated the companion booklet to include the new material added to the video as well as several new photos.

Adele's books and video have helped familiarize dog trainers all around the country with her training style, which has led to her teaching weekend seminars in many areas of the country, from locally in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana, to many areas around the Midwest, East Coast, southern states, and Canada. These intense training weekends give trainers a chance to see a condensed version of her training program.

In addition to teaching and writing, Adele started judging rally and obedience for the AKC in 2006, traveling as far as Alaska to judge rally. A day of judging always provides fodder for her proofing classes the following week. She also served on the AKC's 2007 Obedience Advisory Committee.