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Weather Cancellations

One of the unfortunate realities of teaching dog training classes in the winter in Michigan is the strong likelihood of having to cancel classes sometimes. When we have to cancel for any reason, we add another week of class on to the end of the planned schedule, with the goal of fitting in the number of weeks of class scheduled. Sometimes a really hard winter makes a 6 week class last 8-10 weeks.

With the exception of Adele, who lives here, the rest of our instructors have to drive a long distance to get to NDT. We have a lot of students who also have to drive a long way to get here. Our belief is that we'd rather not have everyone out on the roads when the driving is risky or the weather is extremely cold.

While NDT is just 15 minutes from downtown Ann Arbor, we are on an unpaved road. The parking lot and driveway are also unpaved. This means that at least once every winter, we have conditions that turn the driveway into a skating rink, making it unsafe to have people driving on it, let alone walking and trying to control young, untrained dogs on it. Here's a short video from January 2014, when we had to cancel a lot of activities due to the icy conditions:

Given the time it takes to notify people about cancelations, we try to reach a decision by 2:00 PM for Denise and Marcia's evening classes and by 3:00 PM for Adele's evening classes. The first place we put the information is in the Announcement section on the home page of the NDT website. If time allows, we also send an email to the NDT Yahoo group (join the group by clicking the link below) and post something on the NDT Facebook page (click the link below)

If the Ann Arbor Public Schools are closed, it is probable that we will also be closed that day.

Please get in the habit of checking the website before heading out to class!