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NDT Small Building

NDT's Small Building

Big Building

NDT's Big Building

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Northfield Dog Training's goal is to provide quality dog training at an affordable price in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

The goal of this website is to allow people to:

  • Learn about our upcoming class schedule.
  • Sign up on-line with a credit card for our classes.
  • Keep up to date on events going on both at NDT and other area clubs and schools via our calendar pages.
  • Find out about class cancelations due to bad weather.
  • Sign up for NDT's upcoming agility and obedience practice matches.
  • Purchase Adele Yunck's books and DVD.
  • Share brags and success stories about students and their dogs on our Dogs of Distinction pages.
  • Learn about our instructors.
  • Get directions to the building.
  • Learn how to schedule floor time in either of the buildings or how to schedule a lesson with Adele Yunck.
  • Contact us for more help.

We have two buildings in which we conduct weekly classes and private lessons. The original building, AKA the little building or the small building, is where all of our Puppy Kindergarten classes take place, as well as the evening Beginner (Jumpstart obedience, Advanced Jumpstart, Canine Good Citizen) classes. Our new Scent Work classes are also based in the small building. This is the first building you pass as you drive in.

The 12,000 square foot Big Building was built in 2001, and was custom designed for dog training and competitions. On most evenings during the week, there are both agility and obedience classes going on at the same time on opposite ends of the building. Several different instructors teach the agility classes and Adele Yunck teaches the obedience and Rally classes.

Some of our students simply want to start their new puppy off right or to get help getting their older dog under better control, but we also have many students who compete in many different sports with their dogs, including agility, obedience, rally, conformation, tracking, weight pulling, IPO (formerly Schutzhund), and therapy dog work. All of these sports begin with obedience and building a strong relationship with your dog.

A & B are entrances into the Small Building, where we hold the Puppy Kindergarten classes and evening Beginner classes.
C & D are entrances into the Big Building. Use these for all agility classes
E is the entrance into the Big Building you should use for the Saturday Beginner classes and Adele's obedience classes.

Property Layout

NDT's Property Layout

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