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Obedience and Rally Fun Matches

Please note! You must be logged into your Google account in order to be able to see the match sign-up page and make any entries. If nothing happens when you click on the particular match link, try logging into your Google account in a different window.

Currently Scheduled Dates:

Date Day Start Time Last Runs Notes
4/28/2022 Thursday 3:00 PM 9:00 PM 2022 Northfield Dog Training 2 obedience matches

These dates and times could possibly change, so be sure to check back here in advance!

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Thursday April 28, 2022

Note: Be sure to check back here the week of the match to verify that we are still having it.

Note: We have plenty of indoor crating space and the building is heated/air conditioned.

Matches require a lot of people power. Without volunteers, we can't hold efficient matches. Judges get two free run-throughs per 1.5-hour shift. Stewards get one free run-through per 1.5-hour shift worked. Workers also get priority sign up.

We are doing something new for obedience match signup, using a Google Docs spreadsheet on the web. We will first open sign-up to people who volunteer to work, either judging or stewarding. Once the workers have had time to get signed up, then we'll open up sign up to others.

In order to make changes to the page, your email address must be on the list of people who have permission to edit the page. If you haven't signed up for any of our matches since we started using Google Docs, email Adele and she'll add your email address to the list of people with permission to make changes.

Follow the link to the NDT match sign up workbook. You may need to click on the appropriate tab at the bottom of the workbook to go to the correct match page. If you are already logged into a Google account, the link will take you directly to the workbook. If you've never created a Google account, you will need to do that first (I know, I know, something else to remember).

To sign up to work: Once you are on the page for a particular match, find a yellow worker box in the ring and time you can work and type in your name. Please fill in the earliest possible times.

Then you may also schedule the run through(s) you would like to do with your dog(s). Please don't sign up for more than two runs in any one hour. As a judge, you get two free runs. As a steward, you get one free run. You may sign up for more if you wish. Please include both your first and last names and your dog's name (there are, for example, a lot of people named Linda who come to our matches).

PLEASE NOTE: people who are signing up to work may do so immediately. If you cannot work, please wait until ALL the yellow worker boxes are filled in before you sign up!!!

Cost is $5/run-through.

Please check the information for a given match before showing up without pre-entering. Day of match entries are usually accepted, but if the pre-entry is excessively large, we won't be able to accept entries on the day of the match.

HELP! I can't get it to work!!!

If you just cannot make this work for you, you may have a friend sign you up, or email Adele and she'll sign you up. Just be aware that you get a lot more say in when you are scheduled when you do it yourself :-). Include the date of the match, name, dog name, class(es), jump height if appropriate, and whether you can work or not.

Judging Duties:

When you sign up to judge at our obedience matches, what that means is you will run participants through the exercises in the obedience class for which they have signed up. Typically, it is AKC Novice, Open, or Utiltiy, but we also sometimes get people doing UKC and C-WAGS. With the latter, exhibitors are expected to supply the judge with the exercises. Judges should have reasonable familiarity with the exercises for a given class. You are not expected to score exhibitors, just to help them do practice with another person in the ring.

We make every effort to have a steward to help in the Utility ring, since it is more labor intensive than Open and Novice. If we have a steward for an Open ring, they will help with setting jumps and getting the dumbbell to and from the exhibitor.

The schedule is set up with a certain amount of time per exhibitor. In Utility, that is 10 minutes a dog. In the Novice/Open rings, it is 6-7 minutes a dog, plus 10 minutes for stays per shift. If someone is really struggling and needing to repeat something many times, please gently move them on to the next exercise. While some repetition is expected - matches are for training - if someone repeats multiple exercises, they end up taking more than their alloted time, which puts the ring behind.

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Stewarding Duties

When you sign up to steward at our obedience matches, this means you help the judge in various ways. In Utility, you put out and pick up the scent articles for Scent Discrimination and/or the gloves for the Directed Retrieve exercise. You help with changing the jump heights. In Open, you can act as a Figure 8 post, take the leash and dumbbell from the exhibitor when they enter the ring, deliver to and take the dumbbell from the exhibitor or the judge, as appropriate. In Novice, you can act as a Figure 8 post and take the leash from the exhibitor after the Figure 8 is done. In any of the rings, you help keep the exhibitors aware of whose turn is coming up and how soon stays are coming up. Stewarding is a great way to get more familiar with ring procedure and the order of exercises.

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