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Agility Classes

Jumping Malamute

Alaskan Malamute Bootstrap taking an agility jump

Agility is an action-packed race against the clock, with the handler guiding the dog through an obstacle course made up of jumps, a pause table, tunnels, so-called contact obstacles - the Dog Walk, the A-Frame, and the Teeter - and weave poles.

Northfield Dog Training has been offering a wide-variety of agility classes since the late-1990's. While we have some trainers who are training in agility just for the fun of it, many of our students compete and earn titles with their dogs in many different venues, including AKC, CPE, and UKC. These competitions are at the local as well as national level.

All agility classes are held in the south end of the big building at the rear of the NDT site.

To download a PDF with a flowchart of recommended obedience and agility training classes, see Class Flowchart.

A note about Filled classes. Occasionally, someone drops out of a class, so we maintain waiting lists for filled classes. Your check reserves your space in a class or on a waiting list.

The classes are listed in the approximate sequence we recommend you follow.

If paying by check, please write the section number(s) and your dog(s)'s name on your check. This is a big help for processing registrations.

Are you new to Northfield Dog Training? Please read our screening information.

Upcoming Classes


Course Day Time Start Date End Date Cost Instructor Section Spaces Left
Agility 2

Agility 2

We continue to work on the obedience control needed for agility and build on the foundation work started in Intro to Agility. We will introduce the various ways to change sides (including front and rear crosses), start to build the number of obstacles in a sequence, introduce different jump sequences, build on contact obstacle performance, still at lowered heights, and build on weave pole performance, with gradually narrowing channel weaves and 2x2s for reliable entrances. Students are expected to have weave poles at home with which to practice.
Equipment: 4-6 ft cloth or leather leash, flat collar, treat bag, lots of small soft treats, toy that does not roll or squeak, and sensible shoes in which handler can run.


Intro to Agility or instructor approval. Screening required if you have not trained at Northfield before.

Tue 5:45-6:40 PM Mar 17 Apr 21 $100 Raissa 20C25AG2 Filled
  Notes: Dogs need to have taken an Intro Agility like course to participate in this class. Please call 734-995-7200 or email with any questions
Agility Run Thrus and Course Analysis

Agility Run Thrus and Course Analysis

This class is for students who are running all or parts of a course with closed weave poles and full height contacts. We will take turns running a course and discussing handling options, in order to find what works best for your team. All levels welcome. Everyone will get equal time to work the course.


Instructor approval. Screening required if you have not trained at Northfield before.

Tue 7:00-7:55 PM Mar 17 Apr 21 $100 Raissa 20C25AGRunThrus Filled
  Notes: See the Course Description for more details and in this class we will focus on improving and proofing weave pole performances and especially on weave entries. We will also do some proofing on whatever contacts are available. Doing closed weave poles, preferably 12, will be needed. Please email if you have any questions at all...

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