Advanced Obedience Classes

September 2020: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are closed for all inside training classes until at least March 2021. Owner Adele Yunck has started to offer a new all-on-line Maneuvers class and will continue to work on developing more on-line offerings over the next 6 months.

Sonic and Adele doing the Fast in the obedience ring

Flat-Coated Retriever Sonic and Adele perform a Fast in the obedience ring


Current Classes

Advanced Obedience

Course Day Time Start Date End Date Cost Instructor Section Spaces Left
Maneuvers On-Line - Auditing Spot

Maneuvers On-Line - Auditing Spot

This is Adele's first all on-line competition obedience course. In the course, you will learn how to teach your dog power steering commands for improved body awareness (forward, backward, side-step right and left, perch work, and tight turns to the right and left). All the video lessons are hosted on the Thinkific platform. An auditing spot in the course gives you full access to all of the course's video lessons on the Thinkific platform for a full 6 months from when you start the lessons, as well as access to the course Facebook group for that same 6 months. You may read all of the posts and watch all the videos posted by students with working spots and my critiques on the Facebook group, but may not post videos about your dog. You may ask technical questions about using the Thinkific site.

While you may sign up here on this website, if you have never taken a class at Northfield Dog Training, you will find it far easier and quicker to sign up right on the Thinkific site.


Your dog should have basic attention on you, and you should be able to get your dog to sit from a stand and stand from a sit.

Sat 12:00-1:00 PM Jan 9 Jul 9 $97 Adele 21A15MANOLAudit 20
  Notes: While you may sign up for an auditing spot here on this website, you will find it far easier and quicker to do so right on the Thinkific site. Click here to go to the Thinkific site to sign up for an auditing spot.
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The starting date above is only a reference. You may sign up and start at any time. Your six months of video and Facebook group access will be based on when you first start viewing the course videos on the Thinkific site.