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Welcome to Northfield Dog Training

Northfield Dog Training offers weekly dog training classes at our southwest Ann Arbor facilities. Our instructors, dog trainers who have all been teaching dog training classes for a minimum of 10 years, have a combined 85+ years of experience. Our big building was custom built for dog training activities and has the best cushioned floor in the area. We have a large variety of breeds training with us, including many mixed breeds.

What's Happening @ NDT

Terry Jacobus, of Pawzitively Positive, is teaching her classes at NDT on several evenings a week in the small building and Saturday afternoons in the big building. Among other offerings, she teaches Treibball, Nosework, Canine Freestyle, and C-WAGS classes. See her website for more information.

Important Announcements

December 27, 2020 update

I posted a schedule of new sections of the Jumpstart On-Line course for January earlier this week.

Adele is working on an e-book about competition obedience, and will then turn her attention to an on-line competition basics class. Stay tuned by signing up for our Mailchimp newsletter! You can sign up for her Maneuvers on-line class at any time.

Happy Holidays!

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September, 2020 update

I have made the very difficult decision that the soonest I’m willing to reopen for anyone else besides me to teach on our property is March 2021. Please know this is not a decision I’ve reached lightly. Northfield Dog Training has been my life for 30 years.

Adele Yunck

Remember to check here for possible class postponements due to bad weather. To read more about our weather cancellation policy, please click here.
For morning classes, also see Ann Arbor Public Schools website. If the schools are closed, morning classes are cancelled.

Do you know about Adele's YouTube channel? She has posted many short training videos of Sonic and Jag's early training. Search for 'Adele Yunck' on YouTube to take a look.

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