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Welcome to Northfield Dog Training

Northfield Dog Training offers weekly dog training classes at our southwest Ann Arbor facilities. Our instructors, dog trainers who have all been teaching dog training classes for a minimum of 10 years, have a combined 85+ years of experience. Our big building was custom built for dog training activities and has the best cushioned floor in the area. We have a large variety of breeds training with us, including many mixed breeds.

What's Happening @ NDT

Terry Jacobus, of Pawzitively Positive, is teaching her classes at NDT on several evenings a week in the small building and Saturday afternoons in the big building. Among other offerings, she teaches Treibball, Nosework, Canine Freestyle, and C-WAGS classes. See her website for more information.

Important Announcements

March 31, 2021 update

While we are still closed for indoor training for the foreseeable future, more and more staff members are getting their vaccinations, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Adele is resuming her Proofing and Novice Practice classes outdoors April 6/9.

We are planning to offer an outdoor Jumpstart class that is a hybrid course - you'll watch videos at home of lectures and demos of how to teach the skills, start to work on those skills at home, and then come to class to get feedback from the instructor, as well as practice around other dogs. This will be on Saturday mornings starting in late April. Stay tuned!

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Do you know about Adele's YouTube channel? She has posted many short training videos of Sonic and Jag's early training. Search for 'Adele Yunck' on YouTube to take a look.